Role of smartphones in the modern world

Recently, a group of experts and researchers held a conference in New Jersey to assess the real role of mobile phones. They have also highlighted certain areas that cover the advantages and disadvantages of mobile / cell phones. There are two different opinions regarding the positive role of the mobile. Few critics claim that the excessive use of mobile devices causes noise pollution, disturbances. If a person is involved in engaging in a conversation for several minutes in a row, simply sitting next to anyone, that person must be crazy listening to such a boring conversation.

Now, if you are surrounded by a number of boys and girls who stick their cute mobile phones in their ears and start chatting aloud, they will flee or become deaf and deaf because of the noise and the hustle and bustle. They also noted that the excessive use of mobile devices is also responsible for causing certain skin diseases, including cancer. Modern phones, such as smartphones, are equipped with a camera that can be used for harmful purposes. Teenagers may be wrong to take pictures of unknown girls and boys. This must be stopped. However, another group of critics has supported the good purpose of the mobile. It is the strongest platform for communication. It is the electronic device that makes a person approach the heart despite living long distance.

According to them, if a person drives a mobile phone, it is not the mobile phone’s fault. It is due to the lack of awareness to minimize the crime. However, in the long term, all supporters and experts have come to the conclusion that this type of misconceptions and social crimes must be stopped through public awareness programs. People should use these mobile games for good purposes. They must track accused persons who use the phones for the commitment to commit crimes. Parents should be much more attentive when they provide phones to their children.

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