Here are ways to get a Smart phone without paying for it

You can not raise money to buy the latest fashion in the world of mobile phones: the Motorola Droid. But should you rest your case? Not for the heap of resources and desperate, those who will do anything to get a free Android phone. So to help you increase your chances of getting a free Android offer, here is a valuable help.

First, try the websites that normally offer gifts to anyone who is willing to do whatever is necessary. Usually, your answer is simple: answer surveys, sign up for free product tests, join a program and recommend others to join as well, or help attract traffic to your website. Actually, there are people who are accustomed to pursuing these gifts and fulfilling the requirements.

One thing you should be careful of, however, is the scam websites that ask for something (money, more often) but that does not give you anything. To protect yourself, remember to research the site, especially if the offer seems too good to be true.

Second, you can also search for exchange sites. These sites may have free Android offers in exchange for your previous phone. But the fact that you will have to give up your old phone in exchange for a new Android phone means that it is not really free, after all.

Third, participate in contests. Search the Internet for any ongoing competition for developers or consumers who promise an Android phone as a reward. Sign up for the contest and give it everything you have!

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