Top App Locker to secure and block apps on Android phones

App Locker allows Android phone users to protect specific applications by entering an unlock password or by drawing an unlock pattern instead of blocking the entire phone to prevent accidental or unauthorized access by other people. It really is a useful tool that helps me protect any program that I do not want other people to use or see, such as email, gallery, contacts, SMS, photos, etc.

Quick start

It is a powerful but easy-to-use tool that clearly lists all installed applications, including system processes (you have an option to hide or show them). Once you have completed the selection, simply click on the “Apply” button and wait for a second, and then the program you choose will be added to the protected list. The protection of the elements in the list is achieved by password or pattern. You can choose one of the ways that you like.

About the password

Here is a tip for you, since the login password is not necessary for your first login in App Locker. What I mean is that you will see a requirement that will ask you to enter a password before accessing this tool, but you can directly press the “Enter”. You must reset the password after the first login. At first I was confused because I never had the opportunity to set a password before using it, why did you request a login password? But this problem was solved after I went to the developer for help. In addition, users can set a password hint in case they forget the password and the recovery e-mail to retrieve their password.

About desktop switches

Two desktop switches have been added. I really like these two amazing switches, which appear on your desktop once you make the related settings. One is called Quick Switch; the other is the phone’s lock switch. With the first one, the protection of all the elements of the protected list can be activated or deactivated only with a widget. Once the second one is on, the entire phone is completely blocked. These two switches can be unlocked only with the correct patterns you drew earlier.

Other features

  1. To automatically re-lock when the home screen reopens. By the way, this configuration is by default; You definitely have the option to turn it off.
  2. To start the Locker application automatically when the system starts.
  3. To automatically relock when you leave an application.
  4. There are several ways to solve the probable problems since you can find many related solutions in Help, Frequently Asked Questions or Tutorial.

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