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Your computer is an investment (and expensive) and, therefore, you regularly need to make a backup of the data to avoid the loss or theft of confidential information. Your car is also an investment and, therefore, you can install any anti-theft software such as LoJack to help you recover it in case of theft. If you take all the necessary measures to protect your car and your computer, why not also protect your Android smartphone? Since your phone is probably the most used device, whether you know it or not, you end up loading a lot of confidential information on your phone. So, if your phone is stolen or if you lose it, all this information will not be that personal anymore. Therefore, it is very important to protect your text, photos, contacts and videos. Even if you take care of your phone and never lose it, there are certain applications that you can download. However, it is important to keep in mind that although most anti-theft applications claim to be 100% effective, not all are as honest as you think.

Fortunately, the smartphone market, especially Android-based phones, offers a wide variety of security options. Here are some applications that will help protect your Android phone:

Lookout Mobile Security: a great application, the Lookout mobile security application is ideal for Android phones. A free account will allow you to scan your phone for malware and help you back up and restore your data online. You will also use GPS to help you locate your phone.
Norton Mobile Security Beta: Smartphones contain a large amount of confidential data, from text messages to credit card numbers. Therefore, if your phone is stolen, there are chances that your identity can also be stolen. The Norton mobile security application will help you remotely lock your phone and clean it. Now you can lock the SIM card so that a phone thief can not sell or exchange your phone with another person.

WaveSecure mobile security: WaveSecure is packed with a number of features, such as the option to lock and erase your phone remotely, the option to back up your phone and restore information, and a thief can not uninstall program without typing a password.
Designed for computers and mobile phones, you can now use the Snuko anti-theft device for your Android smartphone. The features of Snuko include:

Geographical location: with this feature, you can now track your phone up to a few meters.
Data encryption: now you can protect your contacts and any other important information so that no thief or unauthorized person can see them.
Data capture: You can now back up all your important documents even after your phone is stolen or lost.
Data capture from the SIM card: You can now see the details of the phone number and the SIM card of any unauthorized SIM card that can be inserted in your phone.
Phone lock: once you receive all the essential data from your phone, you can now block it so that nobody else can use it.
With these functions at your disposal, it is very important to protect your Android phone with Snuko.

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