Advanced task manager for Android phones

If you are downloading a task manager for your Android phone, the Advanced Task Manager would be your best option. It is a very useful and convenient application that allows you to manage the programs that are currently running in an efficient manner. Everyone knows that many applications that run in the background slow down the phone and drain the battery. So how do you easily end applications, speed up your phone and save battery on your Android phone? Advanced Task Manager is everything you need. It allows you to manage running tasks, processes and services, uninstall applications, manage the startup list and view memory usage.

Tasks / Process / Service

Tasks, Process and Service, respectively, show the tasks, processes and services running on your phone. Once you have selected any task, process or service that you would like to end, delete or stop, select the “Finish, Delete or Stop Selection” button and it will end easily. Here is a suggestion for you about the completion of services, please do not end a service you do not know, because that will probably cause the non-moral work of some programs.


Show the applications that start with the phone; users can disable it (them) so that it does not run after it starts. When you press any application or process in the Start list for more than 2 seconds, you will see some available operations, namely, Kill when starting, Do not kill when starting, and Detail of the application. If there are many applications that start with the phone, it will be annoying and it will take a long time to wait for other operations after accessing the system; Otherwise, the phone will slow down.


Displays all running programs installed on the phone. If you accidentally press Uninstall everything, you will be asked if you are going to uninstall the programs one by one, which will cause a small problem and you will waste your time. In case of such problem, you can make a configuration. The specific operation as follows: 1. Press the menu after accessing the Advanced Task Manager, a dialog box will appear. 2. Select Option. 3. Select Disable “Uninstall all”.


Shows the protected processes; you can choose it (them) and then remove the protection. The Advanced Task Manager gives the user the option to exclude some programs that can not be finalized. When you press any task, process or service in Tasks / Process / Service List for more than 2 seconds, you will see one of the operations, namely Add to the exclusion list, and then the selected processes will be listed in the Exclusion list .


It summarizes the current uses of your phone’s CPU, memory and SD card. Advanced Task Manager offers you a good direct understanding of your phone. For more functions, you can select Options in the Menu. Here I simply take Auto End, for example, after starting Auto End, when the phone screen is closed, this application will end some processes according to the mode chosen by the user to increase the memory of the phone.

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