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Men love their phones and will spend any amount of money to ensure they have the best. Nowadays there are telephones that will do almost everything, apart from maybe just brushing your teeth; Some of these phones are so good that you just want to show them to your friends. It may also be possible that all you want to do is just keep up with everyone else. If this is your wish, what you are looking for is an Android phone; Since there are so many in the market, we will see the 3 best Android phones that will give you value for your money:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3: this is a powerful Android phone that will give a new life to your mobile world with all the specifications and features included in this gadget. With its 5.7-inch screen, it looks big enough to be masculine and the size continues to tell you a lot about its Full HD super technology that allows you to enjoy everything from movies to the highest quality online experience while browsing. Internet. The absolute speed of the Galaxy Note 3 and the battery life has no equal; Any man who wants a large male phone that has a wide range of functions will get all that with this phone.

HTC one mini: The HTC one mini can be described as an attempt to reduce the size and cost of a phone and maintain performance at the highest level. HTC is a powerful Android phone whose size is relatively small but the internal performance is still high even though it is considerably cheap. That small phone comes with a dual-core snapdragon 400 processor with a 1GB RAM and a smaller 4.3-inch screen; This gives it exemplary power because of its hardware design, so it makes it a strong phone. Its small size makes it attractive for people who do not like to carry large appliances.

The LG G2: LG has made a powerful return to the world of smartphones with this powerful Android phone that has won the hearts of phone lovers. It comes with a 5.2-inch screen that has a resolution of up to 1080p; It is powered by the leading processor of the Snapdragon 800 series with a 2GB RAM, which makes it a powerful tool in a small package. It also has a much improved battery life and a powerful camera that places it among the pack leaders.

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