How smartphones hinder the process of stress reduction

Did you know that the frequency of using smartphones is an accurate representation of the amount of stress present in life?

It is true! According to a British study, the more often you check your smartphone, the more stressed it becomes! And what makes this even more interesting is the fact that stress is what drives him to use the phone in the first place. Then, in essence, the solution becomes the problem.
If you have been thinking about taking the step and buying a smartphone, you may want to avoid that decision for your health. I still use a seven-year-old cell phone with the only compliment of being a tiny camera, I know, how little. Or if you already have a smartphone and use it quite often, you should ask yourself, how important is it really to check your email on the train? Or in traffic? Or while walking through the city with your friends?

One thing that I have noticed more and more lately is what I like to call “electronic stress”, it is the stress that people generate creating a false sense of importance to keep up with the online world. And this lends itself perfectly to the subject of this article. Every day, around the time, I see people with their noses glued to their iPhone, Blackberry or laptop in the cafeteria. It is this addiction to the electronic world that creates some of the biggest stressors in our world today. Once you enter that world, you develop the compulsion to follow it, I also get involved in this!

How ironic it is that when you visit a coffee shop, 90% of people are looking at their computers, and traditionally cafeterias have been places of meeting and face-to-face interaction!

So, maybe the next time you feel the compulsive need to reach for your phone, make the effort NOT to look at it. Ask yourself “is it really worth the stress?” Because whether you realize it or not, in fact it is causing stress and, therefore, bodily harm.

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